Flexible Eyeglasses - A Must for Kids

My daughter at 7 years old wears eyeglasses already.

Yes, you read it right. And I believe I've posted about the diagnosis of the ophthalmologist on my daughter's eyes last June.

She, the ophthalmologist, believes that the early blurring of my daughter's vision is due to genes. I think our picture would explain it all, right? :)

Children and Curiosity Are Simply Synonymous

All children belong to the curious batch. Almost everything, everywhere, at anytime they ask questions especially WHY.

I would like to give an award to parents who are very patient in answering ALL of their children's questions. Kudos to us all! :)

It's so important to be there to answer our kid's queries but let's admit it, there are questions which are hard to answer or we think, it's not yet the right time to explain to the little ones.

Easy Steps To Better Relationships

The night before I received the Liebster Blog Award, my hubby and I had an argument.

When I think back, I think it's so petty but we really became heated in our conversation that eventually it led to an angry bout.

Nasty words were said and we ended up sleeping in separate rooms while I cry in bed and drown myself with thoughts of self-pity. 

(sigh)...Yes...it's sad. But all that's behind now because the next day, we kissed and made peace with each other again...and he's back to his teasing marathon again :-)

How Did I Become A WAHM?

Photo by breahn
I've been asked this question many times already, both by friends and acquaintances, online and offline. And recently from a comment in my blog from a fellow mommy blogger.

It's been a tedious process and one which required A LOT of patience and perseverance. But it's NOT impossible to earn a reasonable income and take care of your household at the same time. Especially with the support and love of my children and husband. Many women in the US and other countries are doing it already! I believe all it takes is TEAM WORK!

Gratitude is Attitude

Because of having recently received the Liebster Blog Award, I recalled writing a post last year on my second blog which I called "Fudgy and Nutty" and which I've consolidated with my virtual portfolio already "The Petite Pen."

I'd like to share it again and I hope you all love the lessons I've written in it as well.

Understanding a Teenager's Brain

Photo from The Doctor's official site
Some of you may know the TV show "The Doctors" aired on CBS.

I love watching it when I get the chance. I'm just a fan of medical shows which help common people like me understand complex medical terms and conditions and know how to apply their medical advises in real life.

One of their segments last week captured my attention the most because it involved understanding how different a teenager's brain is from that of their parents and other adults.

Liebster Blog Award

"When you're down and troubled and you need a helping hand and nothing, oh nothing is going right..."

I'm sure you all know the song...:)

Been feeling a little down this morning...had a cat and dog fight with the hubby last night which is a fact of any marriage.

Any married woman would know how it would REALLY put you down when things like that happen.

But when I opened my email at around 9 am, there it was staring at me, a new comment on this blog. A comment from Joan of 26 with 4 Kids telling me how nice the post with the baby pictures were and a really good news!